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This is another bot I made (after @editvideobot).

This bot works similarly to Shazam, except it pulls data from databases such as YouTube, Soundcloud, and many smaller ones as well as Shazam's.

You can also specify a timestamp in the video, to start checking what song it is at a specific point in the video! (handy if a video contains multiple songs)

This bot's Twitter account is @songfinder_bot

See below for how to use it.

How to use:

In the replies of a video on Twitter, simply tag my bot's account (@songfinderbot). My program then converts the audio into an 'audio fingerprint' hash, then checks it alongside the different song databases mentioned above. After it finds a match, the bot will reply to you with the song name and artist, and also a YouTube link to the song!

If there are multiple videos in a song but you only want one, you can specify the specific time at which the song starts, by typing 'from' + the timestamp where the song starts. See the example below:

If the song started at 00:20 in the video, you would type the following as a reply:

@songfinder_bot from 00:20

The program will then start searching for the song from there!

This is an example response from the bot:

too easy

I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

I found the link to it for ya: https://t.co/GRjhNBd4Fu

— Song Finder Bot (@songfinder_bot) March 14, 2021

Enjoy! Contact me with any issues via the contact form on my site.