Instagram Media Saver

This script was made in the ios shortcuts app on my iphone. It allows you to save photos and/or videos from someone's page (also works for stories and reels)

For iPhones with ios 13/14 and above only.

How to use:

  1. Download the script (this will launch the shortcuts app on your phone)

  2. You must then click on the Media Saver icon (with the camera logo), and you will be prompted to set where to save the media. You must press "allow" when it asks you about iCloud Drive, otherwise it won't work. (The script won't be using iCloud Drive, unless you want it to, but in order for it to work at all, this must be set to allow).

  3. Then just close it and close the shortcuts app (ignore the menu if it pops up, you dont need it).

  4. Now open Instagram and find the photo, video, story or reel you want to download.

  5. For photos and videos: Locate the three dots button at the top right of the post. Click it, press "share to", then scroll down until you find the Instagram Video Saver option. For stories: You cannot save stories from a private account. With a public account, go onto the story you want to save, press the three dots button in the bottom right, press "share to" then find the Instagram downloader. For reels: Go to the reel you want to save, press the three dots at the bottom, press "share to" then press the instagram downloader.

  6. The rest of the steps are pretty self-explanatory. Just choose whatever options you want, then you're done!