Windows FFMPEG Builds

Feel free to send a message to [email protected] for any questions! (No bug reports or anything like that, I don't maintain these packages, other people do).

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These are the different builds for Windows 64-bit and 32-bit systems. Beware that the 32-bit versions are much older, and may not have the same functionality as the newer 64-bit ones

This page hosts packages containing binaries of ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay. Compatible with Windows Vista and above.

Last build update: 2020-10-11

Next build update: 2020-10-14

These are not my own builds. They are from, one of the official hosts of the Windows builds for FFMPEG.

Nothing has been modified, except many of the builds on come as a .7z file. I have converted all of them to .zip so anyone can open them without the need of another application (file sizes may be slightly higher because of this, but the extracted size is the same).

The builds marked [OLD] came from one of the previous hosts, Zeranoe's site. I've just kept them there in case anyone ever wanted them, and some people might need the 32-bit builds.

There are 4 Windows build variants available:

Feature libraries in essentials builds:

avisynth libaom libass libfreetype libfribidi libgme libgsm libmp3lame libopencore-amrnb libopencore-amrwb libopenjpeg libopenmpt libopus librubberband libsrt libssh libspeex libtheora libvidstab libvmaf libvo-amrwbenc libvorbis libvpx libwebp libx264 libx265 libxvid libzimg libzmq sdl2

Additional feature libraries in full builds:

chromaprint frei0r ladspa libbluray libbs2b libcaca libcdio libdav1d libflite libglslang libilbc libmodplug libmysofa librav1e libshine libsnappy libsoxr libsvtav1 libtwolame libzvbi vulkan

Hardware support libraries in all builds:

amf cuda cuvid d3d11va dxva2 libmfx nvdec nvenc

Unless you have a specific requirement, download one of the git builds. Unlike many software, releases are primarily made for the convenience of OS distributors and package managers and don't signify greater stability or maturity.

All builds are licensed as GPL v3

64-bit builds

Git builds:

Latest version: 2020-10-11-git-7ea4bcff7b


Release builds:

Release builds [OLD]:

32-bit builds [OLD]