Pigeonburger's Encoder Bot

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This is another bot I made (after @editvideobot).

This bot has the ability to encode your messages into different ciphers such as Morse Code, ASCII85, and Rail Fence! (more coming soon)

It can also decode any messages (e.g. from Morse Code) into plain, readable English!

This bot's Twitter account is @encoderbot

See below for how to use it, and the available options.

How to use:

In any tweet, mention @encoderbot, and specify the cipher method you want (e.g. morse code), whether you want to encode a message or decode one, and the text you want to encode/decode. There are also a few other options available, but these depend on what cipher you choose.

So, if I wanted to change the text "Hello World" to Morse Code, this is the Tweet I would write:

@encoderbot method=morse, type=1, text=Hello World,

and then the bot would reply shortly after with this:

.... . .-.. .-.. --- / .-- --- .-. .-.. -..

Below is a full list of all the options and parameters to choose from (more to come soon!):


Option/Parameter (a * means that they are required options) Acceptable Values What it does
* method= morse, a85, railfence This defines what cipher method to use (morse code, a85 or railfence)
* text= Anything (whatever you want to be encoded) This specifies the text to be encoded in the method you choose.
type= 1 or 2 (1 means encode, 2 means decode) Choose whether you want to encode the text or decode already encoded text (this defaults to a value of 1 if not specified)
rails= 2-12 The number of 'rails' to be used in the encoding (this only works with the 'railfence' method). It defaults to 2 if not specified.

More encoding methods will be added soon.

Text: Encode or decode? Which cipher?