Pigeonburger's EditVideoBot

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Note that the search bar is CASE SENSITIVE to your username.

@editvideobot WAS SUSPENDED, USE @videditbot INSTEAD (can still reply to @editvideobot mentions)

Backup bot account (now running instead): @videditbot

Personal twitter: @pigeonburger

Mention @editvideobot in your tweet then write the commands you want to use to edit your media. The bot will process the changes then send the edited version back to you.

To find your videos, search for your Twitter @handle and you will find a list of all your videos.

The buttons at the bottom have all the information about my bot and how to use it, etc if you haven't used this before.


All goes towards maintaining and upgrading this server and the bot.

The most commonly asked questions about the bot have been answered here!

EditVideoBot has come to Discord!

Currently, the bot's invite link is not publicly available, but can be used on the official EditVideoBot Discord server! (link is below)

To put the bot on your own server, see the invite link below:

For getting rid of the cooldown for you and/or your server, message me on Twitter, or, contact me via email. Pricing can vary depending on the size of the server.

See the most recent Twitter videos the bot has edited using the EditVideoBot timeline!