My name's Noah, I'm a 15 year-old self-taught programmer from Australia, and this website has some of my random projects on it!

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This is a program I made that allows you to edit photos and videos through Twitter and Discord through the use of some basic commands (my main project right now).

This is another Twitter bot I made, with the ability to identify the song playing in a video!

Here's some games on my site. If you can see this web page right now, they'll all work!

I made a Kahoot bot! Press the button below to see it (other projects further down).

All goes towards maintaining and upgrading this website, the server and the bot.

You can check your IP address and other related info here.

I host FFmpeg builds for free, for MacOS and Windows. I update them when I have time.

This is where I'm gonna post tutorials on how to do different stuff to do with computers:

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